International mass media keeps an eye on Russia's accusations toward Vlad Plahotniuc

On Thursday, president of Democratic Party of MoldovaVlad Plahotniuc has accused Russian authorities of harassing him and other officials with dozens of bogus legal cases, ratcheting up a long-running diplomatic row between the two countries.

PDM's president claims that Moscow' aim is to cover the trail of those working in the interest of Russian special services from within Republic of Moldova. Plahotniuc mentioned that all those accusations have so luckily came after law enforcement have started digging deeper in the 22 million US dollars fraud case from Russia, through Moldovan Banks.

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This issue seemed to have caught the interest of multiple international mass media, who wrote about it on their official web pages.

The article has initially appeared on Reuters, where Vlad Plahotniuc wrote in an email through a representative that Russian security services are “falsely accusing us of ethnic, political and ideological hatred, murder, theft, virtually anything they could think of”.

Yet the news seems to spread like fire, having appeared on other renown pages, such as The New York TimesDailymailBusiness InsiderOne America News NetworkU.S. News & World ReportQwiketSwopNews

Apparently, the world is holding its breath and carefully watching over to see who will come out on top.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Plahotniuc was charged in absentia by Russian investigators this week of orchestrating the attempted murder of a banker in London in 2012, according to Russian media outlets.

Without referring to any particular case, Plahotniuc told Reuters that Russian officials had sought to frame him to put him on international law enforcement watch lists.

Plahotniuc expects further retaliation after the Moldovan parliament on Thursday passed a law to prevent the dissemination of foreign 'fake news,' on Russian-language and other channels.

Pro-Russian President Igor Dodon said he would refuse to sign the bill into law. Still, PDM assured that despite all those challenges from Russia, authorities from Chisinau will not be intimidated and will continue implementing reforms and consolidating democracy. 

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