Internal Ministry dismissed many policemen who ensure public order in 2016 protest

Many commanders from National Patrol Inspectorate were dismissed on indication of Internal Minister Andrei Nastase. We received a letter as following: 

"On August 2, at 11:00, commander of the INP patrol brigade Dermenji Dumitru asked several INP experienced commanders to resign without holding any position in Internal Ministry. The reason was based on political reason, not profession. 

Asked why he had to do it, Dermenji said that it was indication of Internal Minister Andrei Nastase. He advised them not to bellyache and oppose, otherwise, he would initiate criminal cases on each person and they will end up in prison. 

Commanders have to leave: 

Manita Marin: brigade deputy commander of INP Chief inspector with over-23-year experience. 

Conțescu Vasile: commander of battalion no.2 of INP patrol brigade, with 23-year experience. 

Baran Stanislav: commander of battalion no. 3, with over-18-year experience. 

Vorniceanu Igor: deputy commander of battalion no. 3, with over-20-year experience. 

Vlaico Alexandru: superior officer of battalion no.2, with over 15-year experience. 

Vizir Vasile: superior officer of battalion no.2, with over 19-year experience. 

We are contacting Internal Minister Andrei Nastase, Chief Gheorghe Balan, and Dermenji Dumitru in vain. 


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