Internal Minister Nastase held press briefing solely on former PDM leader

Internal Minister Andrei Nastase organized a briefing to talk only about a letter from Switzerland to General Prosecution, in which Vlad Plahotniuc was mentioned. Nastase also said that Moldovan prosecutors would not have reacted. The Interior Minister is contradicted by the General Prosecutor's Office, who in a press release stepped down all Năstase's allegations.

"I call for the immediate commencement of an internal and criminal investigation within the General Prosecutor's Office on the subject of this concealment. Immediate request for the criminal case on the usurpation of power in the state, premeditated by the former and current interim Prosecutor General", said Nastase.

Moreover, Nastase said the deadline to response to authority's request expired on June 21. 

However, General Prosecution denied all of his accusations. Within a press release, Prosecution confirmed the receipt of two letters and transmission of answers as well as the willingness to collaborate with the Switzerland authorities. 

The information was sent to Anti-corruption Prosecution, who will dispatch all information within rogatory commissions. Representatives of Prosecution assured that the Switzerland authorities requested the exchange information kept confidential. 

According to Former General Prosecutor  Eduard Harunjen, Nastase is lying and should document well in front of giving accusations in public. 


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