Internal Affairs Ministry respects Constitution as Supreme Law

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the subordinated institutions continue to function according to the attributions, ensuring the order and the public peace in strict compliance with the provisions of the law.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and its employees are in the service of the citizen and the state of the Republic of Moldova and do not act according to the indications of the politicians.

Thus, for us, the Constitution remains the supreme law that says that our mission is to defend the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person by maintaining, securing and restoring public order and security.

We recommend to all those who are trying these days to involve the image of our institution and leaders in political games: not to challenge the employees who are trained in ensuring public order, not to communicate with the unfounded information we are targeting, to show respect for the people wearing uniform and do not engage in illegal actions for which they can be held accountable.

We, the entire MAI team, remain in duty!" quoted the message of Internal Affairs Ministry. 


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