Interior Minister: We'll take all measures to ensure security during holiday

Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan has discussed the actions of police, carabinieri, border police and rescuers during Easter holidays. 
Accordingly, the Minister mentioned that more than 6000 MIA employees will be deployed to maintain public order and fire safety, to ensure security in road traffic, to streamline traffic at borders. 

Furthermore, over 2600 National Police employees will be trained to ensure and maintain public order at over 1300 churches, and over 2400 places near cemeteries.

Several crews of the National Patrol Inspectorate will be active on the national routes, as well as several crews of the operative emergency response services.
Similarly, for maintaining fire safety, more than 600 firefighters with more than 200 specialized vehicles will be mobilized.
The Border Police General Inspectorate will ensure the flow of traffic to state borders, so that citizens returning home on holiday to pass easily. 

People now can request help from 112 emergency service instead calling 901, 902, 903, 904.  



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