Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan conveys congratulatory message to policemen

Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan came with a special message for policemen at the 26th anniversary of the National Police.

He told how he chose to be a policeman 24 years ago, about the sacrifices of this profession and the true reward, the trust of citizens.

The minister also stressed in his message the role of each officer for the Interior Ministry, but also for society.

"You are the change, on you depend the peace and security in society, and through your actions, through attitude and respect you will get the best reward - citizens' trust. Do not forget that people need people.

I thank you for what you are and I wish you peace in your families, where someone always wait for you, where someone will always be proud of your actions.

Every policeman in every corner of the country plays an important role in the Interior Ministry, without you we couldn't achieve the proposed objectives, together we're a team, together we are stronger and better" said minister Alexandru Jizdan.


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