Interim Mayor Silvia Radu urges all potholes to be dealt

Interim Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu urge responsible bodies to immediately start dealing with potholes in the streets of the Capital. 

The official requested attention on the courtyard blocks and the adjacent streets.

Authorities plan to repair nearly 900,000 square meters at 600 addresses.

"We consider more the sectors and micro-sectors, particularly the bloc courtyards where we have forgotten in recent years," said Vitalie Butucel, deputy head of the Public Transport General Directorate. 

Silvia Radu mentioned that people complained about the big holes around the houses and asked for emphasis on the quality of repairs. 

The mayor also urged those responsible to prepare for potential floods as a result of the rain and snow melting. 

"We should draw attention to the pluvial sewerage. Try to clean up sewerage in order to try to avoid the possible floods as much as possible," said Silvia Radu, the interim mayor of Chisinau.

Moreover, the Head requested plan for acquisition necessary equipment to deal with snow removal next year. 

Silvia Radu announced on April 31, the municipality and the civil society, will make general cleanup to prepare the Easter in the Capital.

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