Interim Mayor Silvia Radu pledged to tackle Exdrupo's outdated cars to face incoming winter (PHOTOREPORT)

Exdrupo employees are ready to work in the cold season, however, the company has to face situation that their cars are too old to deal with heavy snowflakes. Thus, the Chisinau's interim Mayor, Silvia Radu, pledged today to carry out action plan to resolve the problem. 

Exdrupo Park is full of cars from the Soviet period. Employees of the enterprise admit that some cars are repaired several times a day.

"The cars are too old, we have to work with them though. Snow is coming and we have to prepare all technique until Friday", said Ion Gavriluţă, employee of the Exdrupo.

The director of the Exdrupo municipal enterprise, Ştefan Racu, says that anti-skid material has already been procured.

"Four thousand tons of sand are prepared by sand and three thousand tons of salt are already on the way from the supplier. The equipment is very outdated and has to be ready for overloaded work. The most oldest car was produced in 1964 and the latest procurement was in 2012," said Stefan Racu, director of the Municipal Enterprise" EXDRUPO ".

Chisinau's Interim Mayor, Silvia Radu pledged urgent steps to be taken to prevent any bad situation. 

"I'm really sorry that investment has not been to this important park. We have to ensure sufficient human resources with effective equipment to face the coming cold season,"said Silvia Radu, interim mayor of Bucharest.

At present, the municipal enterprise "Exdrupo" has 80 cars and 325 workers.

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