Interesting discovery in Chisinau (VIDEO)

Interesting discovery in Posta Veche sector of Chisinau. In the framework of the "MAC 2016" operation, policemen found approximately 300 poppy bushes, cultivated and kempt by a 30-year old man.

The plants grew in his courtyard, being hooked to some poles, in order to be processed accordingly. The plants were plucked out and burned, and a part of them was sealed and sent to the criminalistics laboratory for expertise.

Depending on the results, the man risks to be investigated and punished with a fine of 4,000 to 8,000 lei or with community work of up to 100 hours.

Also, employees of IP Botanica of the Chisinau Police Department have found on few streets of Singera, over 300 bushes of wild cannabis, growing randomly. Thus all the plants were destroyed through burning, and the circumstances in which it grew will be found by the local police.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that "MAC-2016" operation was started with the objective of fighting against illegal traffic of vegetal drugs, of finding and destroying plants with narcotic content, and identification of people that grow them illegally. Chisinau police will undertake all legal actions to interfere the drug related crimes.

Also, citizens are asked to inform 902 service if they have information regarding cultivation of narcotic- content drugs.

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