Intensive care ward of No.1 Hospital of Chisinau gets renovated

The intensive care ward of the Hospital No.1 from Chisinau is unrecognizable after being renovated and set up. The wards were equipped with bathrooms and new furniture.

At the same time, the floors and walls were made of easily disinfected materials.

Over 2,000 patients with serious chronic diseases will be treated yearly in these conditions.

The Intensive Care ward has 30 places. In the wards are only three beds, and not six as previously. Also the patients have the possibility to keep their clothes in the closet, and not in bags.

The wards have alarm systems, which allow the patients to ask the doctors' help.

Some doctors waited decades to work in this kind of conditions.

The renovation of the department costed over 2 million lei, money given by Chisinau Municipal Council.

"European standards. Everything is clean, renovated. The heating system, the floor, the furniture is new. The furniture was changed last time 15 years ago" declared the head of Health Department Mihai Moldovanu.

The Municipal Hospital No.1 has two intensive wards.

The second one will be renovated in 2017, with the financial support of Chisinau City Hall.

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