Institution optimization drops 70 to 13 public authorities with control function

The government has set up a new institutional control system of 13 public authorities to reduce pressure on the business environment and ensure consumer protection.

Accordingly, those 13 authorities have control function and powers to carry out controls over the entrepreneurial activity, to ensure the quality of products and services on the market in the country, as well as to reduce the pressure on the business environment, from the 70 institutions with control function before. 

As a result, the Consumer Protection Agency changes its name to the Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance Agency. The Technical Supervision Agency and the Institute for Environmental Protection was created. 

Among the other bodies with control functions are the National Agency for Food Safety, the National Agency for Public Health, the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education, the National Agency of Auto Transport, the Civil Aeronautical Authority, the Naval Agency, the State Labor Inspectorate, The Customs Service, the State Tax Service and the National Center for Personal Data Protection.

Also, five other public authorities partially apply this law to the extent allowed by laws on control activities and supervision. These include the National Agency for Energy Regulation, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology, the Audiovisual Coordination Council, the Competition Council, the National Regulatory Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Activities.

The objective of reducing the burdens on economic agents, in particular by decreasing the number of controls and ensuring their proportionality, is also laid down in the Strategy for the Reform of the Regulatory Framework for Entrepreneurial Activity for 2013-2020, approved by the Government.

The reorganization and optimization of institutions with control functions does not involve additional expenditures from the state budget. Expenditure is to be made from and within the limits already approved for the year 2017.

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