Instagram life of rich German teens

It's enough to turn you green with envy - teenagers barely out of school flaunting their lavish lifestyles on social media.

Superyachts and private jets are commonplace for these adolescents who boast about their privileged lives on Instagram page The Rich Kids of Germany, writes  

This influx of spoilt German teens showing off their designer gear follows the young and weathy Greeks, Albanians and Turks who have previously done the same.  

And, as with other Rich Kid accounts, desirable sports cars litter the feed - and they're more often than not stocked full of high-end shopping bags.  

 Other images shamlessly show the beautiful young people on exotic holidays displaying their gym-honed figures. 

The private world where teenagers own £72,000 diamond encrusted Rolex watches has amassed more than 6,500 followers on Instagram.

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