Inspiration of successful people, project implemented by Police. Story of Svetlana Sainsus, 2017 Man of Year

Moldovan police comes up with new edition of project Inspiration of Successful people aimed to exchange experience by knowledge of famous people in various fields in our country. 

"She's prove by thousands of changed destinations that miracles exist. She transforms desperation into hope, suffering into happiness, ordinary to remarkable. 

Svetlana Sainsus, a perfect image of self-giving, the one who feels pains, thoughts, suffering of mother and children struggling for life, the one who never accept impossibility, the woman who turned the tragedy to change the lives of those who suffer from terrible situations, the woman who has gone through the greatest injustices of humanity, she continue to plant in the world what she believes - kindness, love, and dedication", said deputy chief of the General Police Inspectorate, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc.

In the project, Svetlana Sainsus talked about professional and personal lessons, how she started helping people with their trouble and suffering to give them hope. Last but not least, she also talked about her difficult moments in life. 

Svetlana Sainsus was awarded 2017 Man of the Year in civil society category. 


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