Inovvatic Fest Roboshow at National History Museum: They recite poems, sing, dance and answer questions

They recite poems, sing, dance and answer questions. We're talking about 30 robots exhibited in the Innovatic Fest Roboshow at National History Museum. 

The robot is named after the famous sculptor, painter and renaissance architect, Michelangelo, reproduces works of art.

"They draw portraits on paper, whiteboard, glass, even on wood. Robots are programmed from a special application, the application converts any image into points and is transmitted to the robot," said Cleopatra Begal.

Other robots impress with the ability to execute different commands.

"It's called a puppy Albo. It's a robot made to entertain children and family. It behaves like an ordinary dog, it barks, runs", said Ion Druguş, a participant.

Visitors were impressed by the unprecedented exhibition:

"This is our first time to see such extraordinary robots. They are amazing".

"They are beyond my expectations". 

Innovations Fest Roboshow will be open for two months within the National History Museum. Entrance for students and students is 100 lei, and for adults, 120 lei.

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