#InfoTrafic: What Streets should be avoided in Chisinau

"InfoTrafic" Service has notified that an accident was registered at the intersection of Ismail St. with Calea Basarabiei St.

An increase flow has been detected on the following streets:


Intersection with roundabout: C.Ieșilor – I.Creangă - Ștefan cel Mare boulevard;

V.Lupu toward C Stere street.

CENTRU Sector:

Gh.Asachi – Pan Halipa - Ismail starting M. Kogălniceanu St. to Ștefan cel Mare boulevard;

On Ștefan cel Mare boulevard from Ciuflea to Ismail St.;

Iu.Gagarin toward intersection with roundabout on: Albișoara - D.Cantemir;

Miorița toward Grenoble St.;


Vadul lui Vodă - intersection with Roundabout: TUTUN – CTC;


Dacia (Viaduct) – toward: Ciuflea – București streets;


Roundabout: Moscova boulevard – Kiev – A.Russo;

C.Orheiului intersection with Studenților St., toward the Capital;

Roundabout on C.Orheiului St. – Renașterii Naționale Boulevard, toward Petricani St.

Those going toward CRICOVA, can avoid intersection of C.Orheiului – Studenților street by:

From Ciocana can use N.Milescu-Spătaru / Bucovinei streets;

From Rîșcani (Poșta Veche) can use Doina street, Balcani road.

Therefore  "InfoTrafic" urges drivers:

- Do not park cars in places that could possibly create traffic;

- Be careful at the crosswalks and people standing nearby;

- Avoid at all costs the Streets mentioned above;

- Do not enter intersections, where the movement is obvious difficult or blocked;

- Abide the traffic law, show respect and patience.

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