#InfoTrafic: What Streets should be avoided in Chisinau

"InfoTrafic" Service has notified that an increase flow has been detected on the following streets:


·     Roundabout of Calea Ieșilor – I.Creangă – Ștefan cel Mare Streets;

·     V.Lupu toward C Stere Streets;

CENTRU Sector:

·    On Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard starting Ciuflea Street to Ismail Street;

·    On Ismail starting Kogîlniceanu Stret to București Street;


·     Vadul lui Vodă Street, toward TUTUN-CTC;


-     Dacia Street– toward: Ciuflea – București Streets;


·     Roundabout on: Kiev – A.Russo - Moscova Streets;

·     Intersection between A.Russo and  Dimo Streets, toward Moscova Boulevard;

·     Roundabout on: C.Orheiului Street – Renașterii Naționale Boulevard;

Those using CRICOVA lane, can avoid intersection of Calea Orheiului – Studenților Streets:

·     Toward Ciocana Sector can use Bucovinei Street and Nicolae Milescu-Spătaru Streets;

·     Toward Rîșcani (Poșta Veche) Sector can use Balcani road, Doina Street.

#InfoTrafic has also mentioned that teams equipped with "RADAR" will be dispatched on:

R 1: Chișinău – Ungheni;

R 30: Anenii Noi – Căușeni – Ștefan Vodă;

M 3: Chișinău – Comrat – Giurgiulești;

R 34: Hînceşti – Leova;

R 16: Bălți – Fălești – Sculeni;

R 6: Chișinău – Orhei – Bălți, km 21 – 68.

Therefore  "InfoTrafic" recommends drivers:

- Do not park cars in places that could possibly create traffic;

- Abide the indications of Patrol Officers;

- Avoid at all costs the Streets mentioned above;

- Do not enter intersections, where the movement is obvious difficult or blocked;

- Abide the traffic law, show respect and patience.

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