#InfoTrafic: What Streets should be avoided in Chisinau

On Gh. Asachi Street, starting Docuceaev Street and up to Mitropolit Gurie Grosu Street the sewage system is being changed, therefore movement on one of the lines was ceased.

An accident has been registered at the intersection of Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard with Serghei Lazo Street. So far, no other car collisions has been reported.

An increase flow has been detected on the following streets:

- Izmail Street toward roundabout TUTUN - CTC;

- Calea Moșilor Street toward Izmail Street;

- Calea Basarabiei Street toward roundabout TUTUN – CTC;

- Tudor Vladimirescu Street toward roundabout TUTUN – CTC;

- Uzinelor Street toward roundabout  TUTUN – CTC;


- Roundabout among Calea Ieșilor – I. Creangă – Ștefan cel Mare;

- V. Lupu to C. Stere Streets;

- M.Viteazul Street toward Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard;


- Gh. Asachi Street;

- On Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard starting Ciuflea Street to Ismail Street;

- Intersection between Ciuflea – București Streets toward Tighina Street;

-Miorița Street toward Grenoble Street;


- Vadul lui Vodă Street toward the Capital;


- Dacia Boulevard to the intersection of Ciuflea – București Streets;


- The intersection of Calea Orheiului - Studenţilor Streets to the entrance in the Capital;

- Roundabout from Kiev – A.Russo - Moscova Streets;

- Intersection between A.Russo Street with Dimo Street, toward Moscova Boulevard;

- Florilor Street toward roundabout on Bogdan Voievod Street– Renașterii Naționale Boulevard;

- Roundabout on C.Orheiului Street– Renașterii Naționale Boulevard;

Those using CRICOVA lanes can avoid traffic from Calea Orheiului – Studenților Streets, by using the following roads:

- Going toward Ciocana, Bucovinei and Nicolae Milescu-Spătaru Streets can be used;

- Heading to Rîșcani, Balcani road and Doina street are the best way;

Therefore  "InfoTrafic" urges drivers:

- Do not park cars in places that could possibly create traffic;

- Be careful at the crosswalks and people standing nearby;

- Go forward only after making sure nobody wants to go over the crosswalks;

- Avoid at all costs the Streets mentioned above;

- Do not enter intersections, where the movement is obvious difficult or blocked;

- Abide the traffic law, show respect and patience.


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