#InfoTrafic: Multiple-vehicle collision registered in Ciocana. What Streets to avoid in Chisinau

"InfoTrafic" Service has notified that a chain reaction car accident took place at the Petru Zadnipru and Mihai Sadoveanu streets intersection.

An increase flow has been detected on the following streets:


·     Roundabout of Calea Ieșilor – I.Creangă – Ștefan cel Mare Streets;

·     V.Lupu toward C Stere Streets;

CENTRU Sector:

·    Miorița street toward Grenoble street;

·    Pan Halippa - Ismail starting from Kogâlniceanu to 31 August 1989 street;

·    București street at the intersection with Ciuflea street;

·    On Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard starting Ciuflea Street to Ismail Street;


·     Vadul lui Vodă Street, toward TUTUN-CTC;


·     Dacia Street– toward: Ciuflea – București Streets;


·     Roundabout on: Kiev – A.Russo - Moscova Streets;

·     C.Orheiului street at the intersection with Studenților street, toward the Capital;

#InfoTrafic has also mentioned that teams equipped with radars will be dispatched on:

- M 1: Leușeni – Chișinău;

- M 3: Chișinău - Comrat;

- R 1: Chișinău – Ungheni;

- R 2: Chișinău – Soroca;

- loc. Peresecina;

- R 34: Hânceşti – Leova.

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