InfoTrafic: How is the traffic at this moment in Capital

The INP InfoTraffic Service informs:

At the moment in the capital at the roundabout intersection Calea Ieşilor - I.Creangă - Ştefan cel Mare street, a road accident is registered, soon the vehicles involved will be removed from the carriageway.

Increased flow of transport at this hour is determined:

BUIUCANI District:

M.Viteazul, SUPRATEN roundabout direction;

Vasile Lupu direction of E.Coca Street;

Roundabout intersection: Ieşilor str. - I.Creangă - Ştefan cel Mare bd.

CENTER sector:

Mioriţa direction Grenoble;

Ismail from bd.D.Cantemir direction Stefan cel Mare bd.


Dacia (Viaduct), in the direction of the intersection of the streets: Ciuflea - Bucharest.


Vadul lui Vodă directional roundabout TUTUN-CTC;

A.Russo direction str.Nimo.

The Riscani sector: the same goes:

C.Orheiului - Students, the direction of the entrance to the capital;

roundabout intersection: The Orhei Way - National Renaissance;

Roundabout intersection: bd.Moscova - A.Russo - Kiev.

INP's mobile crews, equipped with "RADAR" speed measuring devices, today will be active on national and national public roads:

M 1 / R 3: on the r-l Ialoveni segment;
M 5 / R 1: on the Straseni r-1 segment;
M 3: Chisinau - Comrat - Giurgiulesti, km 72 - 160;
R 26: Bender - Căuşeni - Ştefan Vodă, km 6 - 59;
R 30: Anenii Noi - Căuşeni - Ştefan Vodă, km 35 - 85;
M 5: Criva - Balti - Chisinau - Tiraspol, km 91 - 133; km 255 - 266;
R 4: R6 - Goian - Criuleni - M1, km 18 - 42; km;
R34 / R33: on the Hanseşti r-l segment;
M 3 / R 3: on the Cimislia ray segment;
R 34: Hincesti - Leova;
Thus, INP's "InfoTrafic" service recommends drivers:

to comply unconditionally with the signs / indications of the traffic agents;
not to station the vehicle in places where it creates obstacles in road traffic;
to avoid as much as possible the traffic in the above-mentioned streets;
do not enter the intersection if the movement in the direction of travel is difficult or blocked;
to show maximum patience and discipline, without departing from the observance of the Road Traffic Regulation, and wish them a safe journey without difficulty.

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