Info Traffic: How to circulate in Capital at this hour

Info Traffic service of INP informs about the circulation on November 14, 5 pm.

At intersection between Mircea cel Batrin and Ginta Latina streets there is an accident.

The service informs about traffic jams on the following portions of the road:

BUIUCANI sector:

  • Roundabout on C.Ieșilor – I.Creangă - bd.Ștefan cel Mare streets;
  • V.Lupu to Belinski street.

 CENTRU sector:

  • Ștefan cel Mare boulevard, from Ciuflea to V.Alecsandri streets;
  • On Ismail from A.Bernardazzi till Ștefan cel Mare boulevard;
  • Albișoara roundabout on D.Cantemir – C.Negruzzi boulevard;
  • Miorița to Grenoble street;

RÎȘCANI sector:

  • Roundabour on Moscova – Kiev – A.Russo streets;
  • Calea Orheiului to the way out from Capital;
  • C.Orheiului roundabout on Renasterii Nationale boulevard.

CIOCANA sector:

  • Roundabout on TUTUN – CTC;          

For those who move to km11, roundabout on CRICOVA, to avoid intersection between C.Orheiului and Studentilor streets.


  • In Ciocana sector to circulate on N.Milescu-Spataru/ Bucovinei street;
  • In Riscani sector co circulate on Doina street and Balcani highway.

Taking into consideration the rainy weather outside, "InfoTrafic" came with the following suggestions:

-Maintain a proper distance between vehicles, don't forget that the roads are slippery;

-Make sure not to splash the pedestrians when driving  near puddles;

-Don't use roads that seem to be busy or blocked;

-Be patient and respect the traffic laws, for a safe and stable trip.


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