Increased Moldovan women diagnosed with chronic alcoholism

Moldova remains one of the heaviest drinking nation and Moldovan women aged 15–49 years account for the large number of patients of alcoholism, shows the National Agency for Public Health. 

According to Agency, in average, each Moldovan aged from 15 consume annually more than 15 liters of alcohol. The person who suffers from alcoholism usually drinks over 25 liters within a year. There are 46,000 Moldovans are registered patients of chronic alcoholism.

In 2018, around 17% of total registered patients were women. Most of them were from rural areas. 

Specialists are concerned that the highest level of alcohol consumption is recorded among women of reproductive age (15–49 years).

The data also show that the number of women suffering from chronic alcoholism and alcohol psychosis has increased. Other 574 women were recorded last year, 52% of them were at the reproductive age. 

Doctors claim that a woman who consumes alcohol during pregnancy exposes the fetus to a pathology associated with fetal alcohol syndrome.



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