Increased measures for traffic fluidizing during holidays requested by Pavel Filip

Prime minister Pavel Filip came with a request to the Frontier Police and the Customs Service regarding the insurance of order in the points of passing of the state frontier during the Easter holidays.

The prime minister asked the undertaking of the necessary measures for the fluidization of the traffic in the customs and the reduction of the waiting time at the border’s passing, in the conditions in which more conationals will come back to the country. The chief of the Government asked the effective team’s supplementation, and the reduction of some customs procedures for the optimization of work within the border’s passing points.  

Pavel Filip referred also to the tightening of the controls at the Romanian border, starting with 7 April, as result of the entering into force of the Regulation of modification of the Code of Schengen Borders.

The applying of the new Regulation will increase the duration of the control in the customs, that is why you must do all the possible that the people don’t feel discomfort", underlined the chief of the Government.

The representatives of the Frontier Police and of the Customs Service declared that they will activate maximally in order to insure an efficient and fast control aiming at the avoidance of the agglomerations generated by the significant increase of the flow of passengers, specific for this period.

The actions that are to be undertaken by the authorities stipulate the supplementation of the staff, the use of all of the control tracks, as well as the collaboration in this respect with the homologous authorities of the neighbor states.

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