Increase of recovery food package for blood donors approved by Government

The project for the recovery food given to blood donors has been approved today by the Government. Now it will be enhanced and include the necessary quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, fibers and calories in order to make up for the lost blood.

The new law foresees an increase in the amount spent on recovery food, from 50.90 lei to 100 lei.

Therefore donors will receive one liter of natural apple or grape juice, 300 grams of paté or 160 of natural fish in its own juice, 100 grams of chocolate, 400 of halva or 250 grams of dried fruits and a can with dry vegetables rich in vitamins.

The total energetic value of the food will be 80 grams of proteins and 1500 calories, necessary to make up for the lost blood. This food used in healthy diets will ensure and maintain the donor's health.

To ensure that all donors will receive the promised food, extra spending in the amount of 2.5 million lei, on the period October-December 2017. The money will be taken from the savings that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare managed to make.

At the moment the food packages, provided by blood collecting centers to donors, contains apple or grape juice, chicken paté, sardines in oli and condensed milk. The food is for now, acquired by the National Center for Blood Transfusion.

79 thousand blood donations were registered in Moldova last year. 

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