Inconsistency of SOME Moldovan politicians. They forget own promises

They used to say one thing in the past and quite the opposite now. Some Moldovan politicians, who earlier promoted electing MPs in uninominal constituencies, reasoning to citizens why that electoral system was good, now are in oblivion and criticize the initiative of the Democratic Party on giving the voters the right to elect in constituencies.

The confused ones, mixing their statements and promises are former and present leaders of Liberal Democratic Party, of the Dignity and Truth Platform, and of the Socialists Party from Moldova.

In their programs, 13 Moldovan parties stand for a mixed electoral system.

In 2008, the PLDM started a referendum to change the Constitution, including by introducing the mixed system.

The plebiscite did not take place, but the idea was transferred in the party’s program passed in 2011.

According to the PLDM, the political class may be made responsible by applying the mixed electoral system.

The voting system was changed in 2013 by the Parliament to be applied from 2014. "Often, voting for a list, our citizens do not know who represents them. The PLDM will back this bill, because it was an objective of the PLDM," said PLDM law-maker Tudor Deliu. 

Few weeks later the PLDM changed its opinion and scrapped the law with the Communists.

The present PLDM leader, Viorel Cibotaru, firmly stood for the uninominal vote, four years ago, arguing for this system as a he was a political analyst. He maintained this process enables people outside the party influence to get to the Parliament.

Now Cibotaru does not support changing the electoral system arguing it is allegedly corrupt.

A year ago, the DA Platform activists – a party backed by the fugitive Ţopa gangsters – got to streets and demanded uninominal vote at the parliamentary. Now they stand up against it.

The PSRM’s (Socialists) program of 2014 provided for changing the electoral law. The Socialists stood for electing 50 MPs in constituencies.

Analysts ask when these parties lied regarding the change of the electoral system.

The Popular Party from Moldova issued a statement today asking the Parliament to pass the mixed electoral system: 50% of deputies to be elected in parties, and 50% -- with party lists.

On Monday, the Democratic Party from Moldova broached the initiative top change the present way of electing the law-makers on party lists by direct nominal election of all the MPs.

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