Incomes to Moldova's Public Budget SURGED in Q1

The incomes to the Moldova’s Public Budget, managed by the Tax Service in the first quarter of 2017, increased with 1.0737 bn lei, or 16.7%, year over year.

The total amount of incomes is MDL7.49211 bn. That is also MDL329.3 mn, or 4.66%, more than planned.

3,5436 bn lei were poured into the state budget, that’s 668.6 mn more year over year, up 23.3%, and 9.3% more than planned.

The local budgets took in 701.4 mn lei, that’s 6.3 mn less than in Q1 of 2016.

The Social Insurances Budget took in 2.4746 bn lei, that’s 341.9 mn more, year on year, up 16.0 %, and 2.6% more than planned.

The Medical Insurance Budget got 772.5 mn lei, up 9.9 % year on year, and 99.9 % of what was planned.

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