Incomes of ACUM alliance. DPM requests information from the State Fiscal Service

The Democratic Party of Moldova requested the State Fiscal Service to present the information about the income taxes and the money allocated to the compulsory medical allowances by the 26 deputies of ACUM.

A request in this sense was made by Sergiu Sirbu DPM deputy. The MP wants to find more information about PAS and PPDA.

"Many of them were working for NGOs or were jobless. At the same time, we found out that daily they are asking for explanations on how are the public money spent. Mr.Nastase and Mrs.Sandu, how did you contribute to the public budget?", said Sergiu Sirbu DPM deputy.

The German Fiscal Control Authority could manage this case. Sergiu Sirbu DPM deputy made a request to the federal republic in order to find out more information about the incomes of Victor Topa fugitive. Actually, Sirbu wants to check if Andrei Nastase got the resident permit on Germany's territory. At the same time, DPM deputy asks if the list of the incomes fits with the one the deputy did in Moldova. Moreover, Sergiu Sirbu requests the state fiscal check up company to say what incomes did Victor Topa declare. The request was made in the context where the authorities of our countries received information regarding to which Nastase was involved in tax evasion actions.

"Mr.Nastase declared that he doesn't have incomes in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, he declared that his incomes come from Germany. The press wrote about some transactions worth million Euro. I want to check if he has a legal activity in Germany", said Sergiu Sirbu, DPM deputy.

According to his incomes declaration, Andrei Nastase has big expenses. Even though he didn't work officially over the past two years, his wife got a salary worth 68 thousand Euro from a German company. Another source of income are his children's allowances worth 14 thousand Euro.

Moreover, Andrei Nastase admitted he transferred millions on the accounts of his mother and his mother in law and he didn't pay tax for this money. Many other deputies,, such as Dumitru Alaiba and others are interesting for the press due to their incomes. Alaiba and his wife have a flat in Chisinau and one in Bucharest and the third one in Tallin. At the same time, the MP comes from a rich family. His parents live in an expensive house in Chisinau.

Inga Grigoriu PPDA deputy has also been investigated. Even though she declared she didn't have higher incomes than five thousand lei, she builds a house in Sangera. According to the specialists, the expenses reach 15 thousand Euro. All the ACUM members declared that they have low incomes and want to fight against oligarchy.

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