Income statements for 2018 of about 400 judges were verified by ANI inspectors. What shortcomings they have noticed

Income statements and personal interests for 2018 of about 400 judges were verified by the National Integrity Authority. The inspectors analyzed if they submitted their declarations in term and met the content and form requirements.

Was set that eight judges completed the statement with a delay, after March 31, being fined by the Court with 1 500 to 3 000 MDL.

Also, according to a INI communicate, the inspectors have been noticed about 24 cases and were started six wealth and personal interests controls of some judges.

The analyzes of about 400 financial statements has revealed a big shortcoming - the soft law. According to the legal provisions, the statement specifies the contractual value of the good which is often reduced in the report with the real value.

The controls were exerted under President ANI Disposition of May 21, 2019, which stipulates the financial statements and personal interests submitted by the subjects for 2018 (MPS, ministers, judges, attorneys).

Now, through a random system, the inspectors received for controls over 700 annual prosecutor's financial statements and personal interests.


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