Inclusive education prioritized: 20 schools equipped with tools benefiting students with disability

20 schools in the country were equipped with access ramps, support bars to provide students with disability convenient access to high qualitative education. 

One of these institutions is the secondary school in the Gradişte village, Cimişlia district. In school, a center was opened for children with special educational needs. There's a massage room equipped with specific equipment as well as services of the psychologist and speech therapist which benefit the students. 

"I'm doing exercises for my back, the exercise has been instructed by the trainer", said a student. 

The Ministry of Education aims to increase such systems.

"Inclusive education is a priority of the Government. We have discussed with our development partners, there will be new projects on the agenda. Such schools will be funded", said Igor Sharov, secretary general government.

There are over nine thousand pupils in the 20 beneficiary schools, of which 413 have special educational needs.

The value of the project is about three million dollars. The money was provided as a grant by the Government of Japan and was managed by the Social Investment Fund of Moldova.

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