In spring people fight asthenia, a weakness affecting especially women

Spring brings not only warm weather. During this period, more people suffer of asthenia, manifested by fatigue, accompanied by physical weakness. To avoid fatigue, experts recommend us to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, which are rich in vitamin C.

Asthenia occurs in adults and in children, but women are the most vulnerable.

"It affects mostly the youngsters, especially women aged 30 - 40 years. Its symptoms are the following: decreased mental capacity, attention deficit, inability to work. Also, people complain of headaches, tension or pressure, "  informed the psychiatrist, Gennady Carauş."

"We need to focus on changing lifestyle and diet. It should contain mandatory a lot of vitamin C, greens of the season, as nettle, spinach, green garlic or wild garlic," stated the head of the Family Medical Center department.

Doctors reported that fatigue can cause neurological disorders and heart ailments.

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