In Maia Sandu's Government could be more Ministries that will actually raise the costs

The Health, Work and Social Protection Ministry could be divided into two institutions, how it was before the Filip's Government. The declaration was made by the PM Maia Sandu, when presenting the new Minister, Ala Nemerenco, to the institution's employees. Sandu didn't come with clear arguments about the need of the separation of the two Ministries.

'My personal opinion is that it was a bad idea to merge those two Ministries. I cannot understand why people didn't want to learn from the last experience, because we previously passed through similar merges and saw the bad results. I can tell that it is my personal opinion, but I choose the separation of the two Ministries.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that after the Government's creation, from 16 Ministries remained only 9, and the budget costs reduced with over 70 million MDL per year. The reform was made by the Filip's Government in 2017 and was greeted by multiple international organizations.
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