In file of illegal dispossession of City Hall of 20 grounds were retained three persons

The anti corruption prosecutors and the CNA officers retained a judge, a chief of the Association "The Word of Honor" and the representative of certain economic agents in the file of getting into the possession of 20 grounds belonging to the City Hall of Chişinău.

The three are suspected of having attempted to get into the possession of the lots, on the basis of certain decisions obtained by fraud.

The judge is suspected of having mimed a land auction, within which there were exposed to sale 200 grounds from the Capital. He might have falsified a report regarding the auction’s results, which in fact didn’t take place, through which he designated as winners three economic agents – his complices in reality.

On the basis of this report there was subsequently applied a fraudulent scheme with the aim of getting into the possession of these goods.

There were registered 20 grounds in the real estate Register of OCT Chişinău, after a court decision, and the members of the group of which made part the judge, the representative of the non-governmental organization and several economic agents became the real beneficiaries of the City Hall’s goods.

There were opened two criminal cases for the exceeding of the service attributions and service abuse, committed in the interest of an organized criminal group.

The suspects risk punishments with jail on a term till 10 years if found guilty. The actions continue at present, and the three persons are in CNA jail for 72 hours.

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