In Balti was set up first automatized test site

In Balti was set up the first automatized test site for practical driving tests. In place of rails and tires will be installed flags with sensors.

According to authorities, until the end of the year, the practical tests will be passed without the examiner.

Automatized test site is set up with markings with sensors, signs and crossroads with and without signal lights. These systems will register the moves of the student, and all information will be sent into a computer.

The cars on which the practical tests will be passed will also be equipped with sensors and a GPS system.

The future drivers think that these changes will make the examination process much easier than it is now.

The Minister of Informational Technology and Communications, Vasile Botnari, says that the changes have the objective to eliminate corruption in this field.

This kind of test sites will be set up in Balti, Chisinau and Cahul.

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