Improvised flower markets appeared near cemeteries on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, some vendors are making extra money by selling flowers around cemeteries. Near Saint Lazarus cemetery, full flower markets were established.

"-Those are flowers I rose at home. -How much do they cost? -One leu per flower. We also have tulips, one costs four lei, but on such a day, depending on the person, I do not mind giving discounts."

"-The Narcissus costs one lei, while those flowers costs 15. -How are the sales today? -Slowly but surely."

"The flowers have not bloomed to the end yet, so we sell them for 1 lei, if they are also short, for 50 bani."

Artificial flowers were also available this year, despite them being harmful to the environment.

"We sell flowers and branches, for 3 and 5 lei, depending on the size."

Despite knowing of the dangers, some people claim that they favor artificial flowers.

"Natural flowers will last only a few days, while artificial ones to one year."

Each year, in Saint Lazarus cemetery is collected around 700 tonnes of waste, 80% of them being artificial flowers.

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