IMF program: The desperate reaction of Viorel Topa mobster on Government's success

Victor Topa, fugitive mobster along with Viorel Topa, who stay behind "Dignity and Truth" party, has reacted harshly when he learned about the IMF agreement for financial assistance to Moldova and thus, the unlocking of external financing.

"The reputation of the institution is disastrous, therefore it's no surprise other countries are trying to get rid of it. As manifested in Moldova, it falls within the definition of "organizations that finance terrorism ' , wrote Viorel Topa on a social network.

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that the IMF Executive Board approved the program for Moldova's funding. The three-year program, during which time the Republic will receive approximately $180 million.

"The approval of the IMF agreement is the start of new reforms, supported by international expertise, a commitment that I made to the external partners and that we will respect. Another important effect of the IMF program, is the unlock of external financing and economic recovery of the country" , said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

"We have emerged from the crisis. We are heading for a period of economic stabilization" , said Speaker Andrian Candu

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