IMF, appreciative of Moldovan Government's steps to bring change in economy, society

The International Monetary Fund appreciates Moldova’s authorities’ steps in reforming all the social-economic areas, especially the financial and banking sector. IMF executive director Menno Snel has made this statement meeting Economy minister Octavian Calmîc.

In the IMF executive director’s opinion, carrying out the reforms sets all the conditions to negotiate and sign a new agreement, which will become a good platform to strengthen Moldova’s relationships with development partners.

Octavian Calmîc has said promoting the reforms in all the areas is the Government’s priority not only not regain the foreign partners’ trust, but also because it’s the authorities’ commitment to bring change, to create attractive conditions for all citizens to work and live.

Octavian Calmîc has mentioned his Ministry’s steps in adjusting legislation to the EU acquis in the fields of power, investments and competitiveness, quality infrastructure and consumer protection.

The deputy premier has pointed out the authorities’ steps in creating an attractive investment climate, the no-control moratorium on businesses and the cancellation of business-hindering documents harming especially the small and medium-sized businesses.

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