IMAS Survey: What Parties might be voted at the general elections

Socialists, the party of Maia Sandu, PDM and communists are the favorite parties to occupy the seats of deputies. According to a survey made by IMAS, on the order of PDM, if general elections took place next Sunday, only those four parties would enter the Parliament.

From the total number of questioned persons, 31.6% declared that they would vote for Socialists, while a little over 13% would chose Party of Action and Solidarity. Among the favored parties also counts PDM, who were chosen by 13.2% The last place being held by Communists, from whom would vote 6.5% of those who were questioned.

The survey also shows that Dignity and Truth Platform of Andrei Năstase will not have access to the Parliament, having received the vote of 6%. For Our Party of Renato Usatîi, voted 3% of those questioned. Less then 3% received Șor Party, PPEM, Mihai Ghimpu's Party, followed by Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and National Unity Party. From the people who were questioned, 13% remained indecisive.

Among the total number of the questioned people, only 899 have the right to vote. In this case, five parties would enter the Parliament. First place remaining to the Socialists, for whom 40% of participants voted. Following is ranked Party of Action and Solidarity, with 16% and PDM with 16.2%. In the Parliament would also enter the Communists with 8% and Dignity and Truth Platform with 7.3%.

Under 6% received Our Party, PPEM and Șor party. Liberal Party would be voted by only 2%, National Unity Party only 0.5%, while PLDM would remain without votes.

The study was conducted between February 16 - March 6 2018, on a sample of 1099 people from 76 localities in the country. The margin of error is three per cent.

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