IMAS: PDM surpasses PAS-DA in ballot preference, gaining more voters' trusts

More and more people trust Democratic Party. The party ranks second in election preference, surpassing PAS-DA bloc, according to the latest survey conducted by IMAS in collaboration with the American company Lake Research Partners.

PSRM, PDM, PAS-DA bloc and Şor party will be elected in Parliament, reveals the poll. 

Most voters (26 percent) will vote for socialists, 3 percent fewer than three months ago. 

Democratic Party is preferred by 19.4 percent of voters, 3 percent higher than December poll. 

Moreover, survey shows that 16.8 percent of voters elected PAS-DA, 2.2 percent fewer. 

The poll also indicates Șor party will enter Parliament, elected by 7.5 percent, 2 percent higher than the end of last year. 

IMAS survey was conducted between 3 and 16 February, on a sample of 1,521 participants from 124 localities. The error margin is 2.5 percent. 

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