Illegally parked cars will no longer be left without registration plates. Initiative discussed at Government

The Government approved to annul the law, by which drivers who parked illegally had their registration plates removed.

The project foresees the cancellation of the line, where patrol officers have to remove the registration plates from cars parked illegally, them being returned to the driver only after a file is opened. As a result, drivers can no longer use their vehicles until the plates are not retrieved and need to call in for the car to be evacuated, or find the inspector who took the registration plate.

When the National Patrol Inspectorate will come up with an efficient method to sanction drivers parked illegally, without the need to remove the registration places, the opportunity to annul the law will be discussed.

For stopping or parking a car in forbidden places, the law foresees a fine from 5 to 10 conventional units and two penalty points.

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