Illegally parked cars slows snow removal actions

Three days after heavy snowfall, there are streets and yard blocks in Chisinau covered by the snow. Transport managers complain about the lack of equipment but also the lack of common sense of some drivers. During the intimidation from Thursday to Friday, many drivers parked their cars where they got there and left them there. Thus, workers say they can not intervene on some arteries to remove the snow.

"I am now on Şciusev street from the Capital, where from the three lanes there are two parking lots. As you can see here are the cars that have not been hunted for at least a few days, it is proof that this layer of snow it reaches up to 15-20 cm. "

In such situations, the most difficult is the access of emergency intervention teams, which are hardly going to be among the cars involved in traffic.

Drivers say that cars parked on the bands for transport traffic hinder not just intervention teams.

"It needs to be cleansed, it seems to me that in the evenings when there is nobody, or the police do something. We are guilty we are in the end, leaving the car where it can not be cleansed."

"Drivers are to blame, but the authorities are also coming in. But again if the drivers put the cars that way, the authorities can not clean up."

"It is a little bit bothering, but otherwise we have no way simply to go. Please do not take the snow on the curbs, even the economic agents, forget what the situation is."

We tried to talk to a few drivers who parked irregularly. Some of them had an excuse, and others refused to speak to us.

"Do you know that you are embarrassed to traffic?" "I was forced by the circumstances, that's why I parked like that."

"-I want to ask if you know you're parked irregularly?" "Do you mess with snow?" "Shut the window to the car."

Road cleaning officers complain that out of more than 60 snow-clearing machines, at least eight machines fail on each landing.

"We have and will continue to repair and work, not to leave and have no roads blocked", said Adrian Boldurescu, the head of the IM "EXDRUPO".

Employees of the National Patrol Inspectorate say they have not yet sanctioned any driver who parked irregularly these days. Lawyers claim that on the contrary, they shared 700 full-length information.

"They have been distributed with the informative leaflets on parked cars, namely recommendations not to park the cars to block the access ways and not to create an obstacle for the equipment used for snow removal," said Veaceslav Ţichiu, chief inspector of INP Chisinau .

Since the beginning of winter, officials from the Exdrupo municipal enterprise have scattered more than two thousand tons of anti-skid material on the streets and about 38 tonnes on the sidewalks.

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