Ilan Sor will not be suspended form position of Mayor of Orhei

Ilan Sor will not be suspended from the position of mayor of Orhei. The decision was taken today by the Orhei councilors, which denied the prosecutors’ request.

The prosecutors requested from Orhei City Council to suspend Ilan Sor from the position as mayor, but the councilors have voted against it.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Ilan Sor is accused of swindling and money laundering in huge proportions. According to information, the amount of the unregistered loans given by BEM in the period when Sor was chief of Administration Council is of 13 billion lei, according to prosecutors. The money from loans were the object of swindling and money laundering of huge proportions.

The General Prosecutor’s Office has initiated at the beginning of December 2014 a penal investigation regarding the shady transactions between Banca de Economii and Banca Sociala.

In May 2015 Ilan Sor was placed in house arrest for 30 days, having the status of defendant in the BEM case.

The anti-corruption prosecutors seized his fortune.

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