Ilan Şor case: Prosecutors initiated other two criminal cases

Two criminal cases have been initiated Friday over dereliction of duty committed by employees of Custom Service and Border Police General Inspectorate in Chisinau International Airport, and service abuse committed by Avia Invest SRL company decision makers. 

According to a Chisinau Prosecution press release, many people crossed illegally the state borders by crossing Chisinau International Airport, as passengers of charter flights, circumventing customs and border control. 

According to prosecutors, this happened through the limited access areas of the Airport and was possible due to the negligent attitude towards the service obligations of the employees of the Customs Service and of the General Inspectorate of Border Police, which operates on the territory of the Airport, as well as with the direct involvement of the employees of the Avia Invest Company.

Avia Invest Company owns the Airport in concession and provides the transport and air traffic services, performs aeronautical security measures on the territory of the aerodrome from which the respective aircraft took off on charter flights.

Procedural actions are ongoing, and the prosecutor's office will periodically inform about their evolution.



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