Ilan Şor: ACUM-PSRM alliance exerted pressure over judges to issue arrest warrant

On a Facebook post, Ilan Şor has accused the alliance ACUM-PSRM of removing deliberately the political opponents by illegal methods. According to Ilan Şor, the actual governance gave judges indications for illegal decisions. 

"I want to reveal a new fact about this alliance. On July 19, the judge meeting took place over my dossier. That morning, a judge named Moraru (CSJ magistrate who led the Cahul court) called judge Movilă (one of the magistrates who examine the dossier) to request a decision regarding my arrest", said Ilan Şor.  

The politician also said that the Cahul judges were threatened with sanctions otherwise. 

Deputy Ilan Şor is to be investigated under custody in one of dossiers over three-banks theft. This decision was made by Cahul Appeal Court. 



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