Ilan Sor about Nastase: He always expects somebody to give him money

Sor party president assaulted Andrei Nastase, the PPDA leader. He declared that Nastase only talks too much about his desire to bring Moldova to the EU. Actually, he only wants to fulfill his own interests.

At the same time, Ilan Sor considers that Andrei Nastase doesn't understand what is he doing.

"Andrei Nastase pretends he is an expert in everything he does. He pretended to be an expert when he started to talk about the Capital subways. If he becomes a mayor, he only wants to ask the EU for money."

Former Orhei mayor considers that Victor Topa doesn't have any idea of how the things are going on in reality.

"Let's pretend Nastase will find money to repair the subways. But, where will he take money to repair to sidewalks , roads, street lightening, green spaces? Also from Europe?"

Sor also declared that Nastase can't live without taking somebody else's money. 

All these phrases came after PPDA criticized the repair of the subway placed near the airport.


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