IGSU: Workers, but also citizens have been conscientious at heavy snowfall of past few days

The heavy rainfall in the form of snow covered the whole country on January 10th and 11th, but more were seen in the central and south areas of the country. Thus, in the context of IGSU deputy chief, Alexandru Oprea came up with statements. 

"I want to thank the citizens who have been receptive and who have complied and did not come out with their own vehicles unless there is a strict need. 

From the beginning of the snow to the present moment we have recorded 57 cases where it was necessary to unlock the vehicles that were inherited compared to the previous years, where this indicator was 250-270 cases in the average per snow. 

This conscientious attitude has also enabled road maintenance services to quickly and efficiently clear public roads.

At the same time, while farmers enjoy these rainfalls, this thick layer of snow, for a large part of the citizens, this layer of snow deposited on buildings creates danger to citizens, and in the yards limits difficult access to the edifices. 

Due to the oscillations of the air temperatures, this snow melts slowly and can fall in either large amounts of snow or in the form of ice. 

Building on the assessment of this risk, Prime Minister Pavel Filip issued today a disposition addressed to ministries requesting the organization of the process of cleaning snow and ice on the roofs of the managed buildings as well as of their courts. This refers in particular to kindergartens, schools, medical institutions and old people's homes.

At the same time, the Prime Minister asked the local public administration to inform the heads of public institutions and economic agents about the need for roof desalination  to ensure the security of citizens", said Alexandru Oprea, deputy head of IGSU.

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