IGSU operation: Drivers warned against blocking firefighters' access to incident

MAI Emergency General Inspectorate has initiated a campaign to alert drivers who park their vehicles around the apartments and block the firefighters' access to the incident. 

The action takes place jointly with the staff of the National Patrol Inspectorate and aims to raise awareness of irresponsible drivers.

Firefighters and policemen have found difficult accessing the apartments due to the full parking lot. 

The first preventive action took place in the Botanica sector of Chisinau, where dozens of cars threatened the access of emergency crews.

Firefighters and police officers shared warnings around the blocks in the Traian, Decebal, Cuza Vodă, Independenței, Valea Trandafirilor and Burebista streets. 

MAI's General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations urges drivers not to park their cars near the blocks and to provide open access for interventions. Otherwise, emergency services may be delayed, and people might be in danger. 

These actions will be carried out in other sectors of the capital and in other cities as well. 

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