IGP started a criminal dossier regarding the Direction 6 policeman assaulted by Anatolie Macovei

General Inspectorate of Police (IGP) started an internal investigation on behalf of a Direction 6 of INI policeman who would have been physically assaulted by his Chief, Anatolie Macovei, a fierce supporter and close man with Andrei Nastase, our Interior Minister.

IGP started a criminal dossier regarding this case.

The incident took place last Saturday in Chisinau IGP Headquarter. The victim called 112 and at the scene arrived a Police Inspectorate task force from Botanica.

Anatolie Macovei could not be reached to comment.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds about Macovei's aggressive behavior. Three years ago, when he was the chief of the popular guard of PPDA, Macovei, during a rally, attacked a Today.md journalist.

Also in 2016, at a TV channel was broadcast a voice recording in which the policeman was talking to Renato Usatii planning a coup d'état. Anatolie Macovei denies the recording's authenticity.

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Recently, the press published a voice recording in which he is threatens the PDM former MP, Constantin Tutu.
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