IGP launched campaign to bring Moldovans who work abroad back home

The authorities want to bring home the policemen who work abroad. IGP launched a campaign and promises them some facilities.

They will benefit of higher salaries and good jobs Mirabela Punga a resident of Leca village, Cantemir district left to North Dokota in 2012. She participated at the Green Card lottery and followed her american dream. In the USA, the woman is a policewoman and a registar.

"Everybody is equal when it comes to the state rules. Here the policemen are equipped very well, to protect their country. If I returned, I would prefer a job in an ambitious and young team", said the policewoman.

Sorin Netida left to Great Britain in 2012. After the baccalaureate exams, he was accepted by the Police Academy to study, but till he will graduate, he is a volunteer at the Northmptonshire Police Inspectorate.

"I would like to come back home, to gain more experience..but I will see. I am not ready to leave this place", declared Sorin Netida.

During his visit to the UK, Georghe Cavcaliuc, the deputy chief of the IGP met Sorin and invited him to Chisinau, to tell about his experience abroad. Cavcaliuc says that then he came to the idea to bring all the police workers who have a job abroad back to Moldova.

"The ones with good abilities who want to come back home will have many facilities. We urge all the Moldovan citizens who work abroad to come back in Moldova and build a carer here", mentioned Gheorghe Cavcaliuc.

The campaign launched by IGP is supported by the Diaspora Relationship Bureau that evolved a project of urging Moldovans to come back home.The ones who decide to come back home will receive 5 000 euros. In Moldova there are over 9 000 policemen and 329 available positions.

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