Igor Grigoriev on uninominal voting: 'Politicians do a lot for the state'

Igor Grigoriev, the former vice-mayor of Orhei said:

"This legislative initiative is being discussed beginning with October 14 and believe me that when I go home in Mihailovca where Moldovans live and Igor asks me what happens in our country, what the future offers, how we will go on, what we will do and it is now evident that all the people’s attention and thoughts are directed onto: how Moldova will evolve, when it is so dispersed and impaled, disunited half of the population. The idea of pursuing this project is welcome, as Mr. Boțan and is subscribing to what Mr. Ghilețchi said, we must be very careful and very wise, time is needed for this, we mustn’t evolve too fast. My example would be Transnistria: My personal worries and of many of you and of the citizens is that this project may lead to the disappearing of political pluralism. Someone said about the parties, that they appeared and disappeared with their leaders, PCRM, PSRM.

So the idea is welcome, maybe it is actual but we must be very careful and take into consideration all these things and calculate them very well. Besides what regards Transnistria the things aren’t clear and the society isn’t united nor on the right border of Dniestr. We have huge problems on the right border of Dniestr, not speaking about Transnistria. The politicians do a lot for the state. “May God help us", said Igor Grigoriev, former vice-mayor of Orhei.




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