Igor Dodon's speech in UN General Assembly, coordinated by Foreign Affairs Ministry and Putin

President Igor Dodon left Moldova to attend the United Nations General Assembly in the US. He will deliver a speech this Friday at the UN meeting. 

It's unclear the details of his speech. Foreign Affairs Minister Nicu Popescu said the speech was coordinated with his institution. 

However, it seems that the president consulted with both the head of the Moldovan diplomacy and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Dodon acknowledged this in a Facebook post, published earlier this month. The meeting between the two state leaders was also attended by Dmitry Kozak, the Russian deputy prime minister, known as the creator of the ruling coalition in Chisinau.

The presidential delegation of Moldova will stay in the US for a week.

Former Prime Minister Pavel Filip attended last year's UN General Assembly. He called on Russia to immediately withdraw its military and weapons from the territory of our country. Filip mentioned that this will contribute to the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.

We recall that, previously, the news portal Deschide.md wrote about Igor Dodon's 11-person delegation, which will be in New York from September 22 to 28.

Igor Dodon's speech is scheduled on September 27. 

Meanwhile, 11 members of the delegation will accommodate on the same floor (at the President's wish) in the luxury hotel Michelangelo. A double room costs $600 per night. 

Igor Dodon and Galina Dodon ask a room with beautiful window view. 

Three counselors: Aureliu Ciocoi, Ion Chicu and Ernest Vardanean will have their single rooms. 

The others will stay in double rooms with separate beds: the head of Foreign Relations and Communication Directorate of Presidency Natalia Ipati; the head of the Protocol and Communication Sector Viorica Sturza; the two bodyguards Sergiu Juncu and Lilian Filiipov; cameraman Andrei Boghinschi and photographer Dumitru Doru.


The presidential administration did not respond immediately to the request regarding travel costs.





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