Igor Dodon's message to bloc ACUM after joint appeal for voting against Ion Ceban

The alliance between bloc ACUM and the Socialist Party is in danger? President Igor Dodon expressed his discontent with Prime Minister Maia Sandu who met with the Liberal leader Dorin Chirtoaca and made a joint appeal for voting against the Socialist candidate for Chisinau mayoralty Ion Ceban. 

"It's a big question for us. Ms Prime Minister and leaders of bloc ACUM need to identify who are the partners. If the partners are the ones who destroy the city, it's necessary to speak up clearly. The Socialist Party, the presidential team supported this government, we have every confidence in this government. We view the event, the message today that someone has other partners. We will take it into consideration", Igor Dodon said. 

Publika recalls that PM Maia Sandu and Liberal leader Dorin Chirtoaca made a joint appeal for voting against Ion Ceban on November 3. Instead the citizens should vote for the candidate of bloc ACUM. 


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